So whats chastity lock up and how does it all work ok i'll explain for you...


Chastity lockup in short - I'm taking ownership of your cock and taking complete control over your mind, body and soul. You are entering a very deep and psychological over empowerment of me you will belong to ME 24hrs a day/7 days a week tracking and monitoring your every movement outside of the dungeon sessions, knowing I own and control your pleasures you will become my very own human 'puppet on a string'. I will be interacting with you frequently as my chastity slave you will always answer and obey me at ALL times, 'no' will no longer be in your vocabulary. you will carry out tasks and generally be happy to be used at my every whim, be that forced-bi, photography, filming and any other personal general tasks I will ask of you.  Being put into chastity by me will mean you are entering a contract you will have to serve me twice a month. Full information of your Chastity Agreement will be sent to you via email, you are advised to read over this and be sure you want to proceed before attempting to impress me as your owner and key holder, I won't accept anyone I will only take the most dedicated and useful slaves.  


to begin I suggest you regularly come to serve me at the dungeon and show me your dedication to earning your cage - ownership is an honour especially ownership by meAnother copy of the contract MUST be signed by you in the dungeon before the chastity lockup commences.



So how does this work? I offer two options for chastity 


Option 1: is the plastic cage device which is fitted with a serial number lock - Whilst in the device you will be asked daily to send me updates of you in your chastity with a clear shot of the serial number.

Option 2: Alternatively are the traditional metal cage lock and key device (personal fave) - you are completely helpless in the cage, the key will be kept around my neck at all times and there is no way of escape.







How long will I be in chastity?

For as long as I desire. you may 'earn' releases here and there but always for my amusement, at your distress of my sexual torment prowess.


What happens if I didn't turn up for one of my contracted sessions?

non negotiable you WILL turn up for your sessions. It is predominately important you come to your session twice a month not only for slave training purposes but also respecting being caged by me is a privilege to be taken seriously and if you do not want to be locked up or dictated to in regards to when I want you in session - chastity is not for you.

Mistress I am in a relationship but want to go into chastity?

declined - Full time chastity is not for you


What duration would I be expected to session for?

You can session for the minimal 1 hour, twice a month


How does the contract work, what if I make one session but not the other?

On the 1st of every month, you transfer your monthly session tribute. If you do not turn up and don't inform me that is your fault and not mine, and you may not reschedule more than once.  



Mistress I want to be in chastity but don't want to session twice a month?

Then chastity is not for you. 


How do I apply?

start your Servitude impress me and note on your application your desire to be caged.




Calls charged at £3.60 per minute, plus your phone providers's access charge. Callers must be 18+ & have the bill payers permission. 

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