Financial domination 


Do you want to be my human ATM my money slave my financial submissive, who knows my needs are much greater than yours? Do you get your kicks from knowing I’m spending your hard earned money, even receive a Skype video call of me shopping laughing at you spending your money? Is knowing I have complete control over your finances and pushing you to the edge of losing control and ruination? I guess so... 


I offer virtual financial domination via your choice of 3 different communication platforms of Skype, email or call.. The more the tribute and dedication to my lifestyle the more of my attention you get. 


Now here comes the serious stuff that real financial domination IS very lucrative and of course that's immensely appealing however it can't be all about the money, a submissive can quite easily fall victim, be abused and completely miss out on the concept of what financial domination is all about to me its one of the most EMPOWERING EXHILARATING form of fetish mind control a TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE your state of mind is over money and that's what I'm controlling. I’m a professional Domina and not an opportunist I take my career very seriously and do not abuse fetish weaknesses, mutual trust and respect are always at the forefront when entering any mistress/submissive relationship. So do be reassured I thoroughly enjoy financial domination not just for the obvious reason (as I do love to shop) but me getting into your mind and controlling your every move financially the deep psychology behind this BDSM fetish, my aim is not just to empty your wallet but to become your obsession, and with my bewitching secret technique you will be zombified. 


Note when you submit yourself as my financial slave you will ensure your bills are paid and that you have the bear minimum to survive on, that will mean you are 'scraping the barrel' to fund your addiction ME and make ME happy. On a deeper level you will give me access to your online banking, and I will oversea your spendatures at a limit and the rest is mine. If you need anything you will always ask my permission no transaction is allowed without my consent (apart from your bills and minimal living expense) 


If you don't want any heavy commitments but want to contribute towards my lifestyle Wishlist or Tribute Me follow the links and do, you are obliged to leave your details or drop me an email when you have indicating what you have purchased and why, or you can stay completely anonymous that’s at your discretion. 





Lifestyle contributions 


Nails: £40

Hair: £100

Hair Extensions: £300-£400

Eyelash Extensions: £50

Facials: £50

Makeup: £100

Perfume: £120

Tanning: £50


Phone Bill: £100

New Clothing Splurge: £300-£1000 

New Designer Handbag: £1500

New Louboutins: £600

New Fetish Clothing: £300-£800 


Meals out (for me +1): £100inc

Night out (for me +1): £200inc

Weekends Away 2nights (for me +1): £1000inc

Holiday 7nights (for me +1): £7000inc


NOTE: ALL contributions receive a photo/Skype depending on what contribution you have made. 








How do I approach you about financially dominating me Mistress?

Send me an email indicating what you want to get from financial domination, what your limits are in terms of spendature, what your FinDom fantasies are. 


I have a joint bank account how would this work?

Ok, joint bank accounts would obviously mean I could not control your online banking so realistically you are going to be limited on how you can submit your finances. Alternative options are regular Amazon Vouchers, which are sent via email only so this would not be revealed on your bank statements/account only that you have purchased Amazon Vouchers. I do also have my delivery code which is anonymous for both parties. 


Would you completely ’rinse’ me?

yES. Only joking ... The answer to this is within your budget my aim is not to rinse you into poverty, once I have access to your online banking I will only be accessing remaining money after your bills and minimal living costs remain. If you don't want me to access your bank account you will be expected to make tributes and pick up my lifestyle cost via bank transfer obviously so I can identify that's you. But I do see FinDom just like gambling if you can't afford it and it will put your finances at risk - then don't entertain this kink.


How do I contribute to a lifestyle contribution?

Make your contribution here













Calls charged at £3.60 per minute, plus your phone providers's access charge. Callers must be 18+ & have the bill payers permission. 

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