In Mistress Lavinia's Hands

I knelt on the floor, completely naked, as the most stunning woman I had ever seen walked around me. She wore a long, black latex coat, but I caught glimpses of her beautiful breasts, naked legs, and astonishing ass. She also wore extreme high-heeled shoes that elevated her to an even more breathtaking height. She also wore black latex gloves, cut at her knuckles so her fingers were exposed and free. But the most striking thing about her was her beautiful blond hair, which framed and accentuated her amazing face, full lips, and piercing eyes. She had the beauty of a model and was the picture of stunning superiority. “Do you know why you are here, Slave? I was hired to kill you … and I always honor my contracts. But first I am going to torment and degrade you. Mmmmmmmm… I can’t wait!”

“Kill me???? Why? I never did anything to you. I don’t even know you!”

Mistress Lavinia just smiled and dropped her latex coat so I could see all of her … her corset pushing her breasts up and out, barely covering her erect nipples … her ass so flawless and succulent. It made me weak to look at her and I found myself wanting to be rendered helpless by this unique Mistress and Goddess … Her eyes glowed with power and excitement. My cock swelled uncontrollably and bobbed with my racing heartbeat. I could smell her excitement as she taunted me and I stammered: “Please, please, don’t kill me! I’ll keep my mouth shut … I swear!

“Ohhhhhh, my helpless little pet, I so want to know the feeling of taking away your life’s breath completely. You will call me Mistress Lavinia – and I am going to strangle you with my powerful hands. But before I do, you must submit to total enslavement and degradation. Do you like how I have dressed? Do you feel the power I exude? I have such twisted plans for you. When I’m through, you will belong to me body, soul, and mind … Now follow me—on your hands and knees!”

I willingly crawled behind her, admiring her power in those heels, the muscles in her legs so defined, and the way her ass swayed, covered only by the thinnest string of leather. She led me to a well-lit room with a full-length mirror. There was a chair in front of the mirror and she ordered me to sit in it. I was shivering—but I was incredibly aroused. She began stroking my cock with her heel, rubbing the bulging veins up and down: “I want to see your cock weeping pre-cum. I know how to coax it out of my slaves.” Soon my pre-cum indeed began to ooze as I groaned with lust …

”Ppppplease, Ggggoddess Lavinia,” I stammered, “Please let me cum.”

“Awwwww, tsk, tsk, my disgusting little slave is so desperate. Well, let’s see … don’t I have the most magnificent body you have ever seen? How could you not have a fixation for my flesh … and everything my divine body produces … Mmmmmmmm you are becoming lost in lust for me … So, how would you like to taste my sacred spit?”

“My God … that would be … please, please, let me!!!” I thought that if I gave into this humiliation, she might not kill me …

Mistress Lavinia smiled and slowly ran her tongue over her lips, soaking them … she yanked my head back an posed her mouth above mine, sticking her tongue out … it was so long and wet … then I watched her spit drool down her tongue, so slowly, so enticingly … finally, her spit hit the back of my throat … I closed my mouth and swallowed it … she laughed and kept drooling her spit into my mouth and I gulped it down like I was dying of thirst … my cock grew incredibly hard again and I squirmed, swallowing every ounce of her spit. She then licked my face with such derision and superiority.

Mistress Lavinia then stood up, admiring herself in the full-length mirror. She walked around me so I could drink her in … her black, tightly-cinched corset, her incredible breasts so inviting, her perfect legs—all of her so intoxicating. “Do you like my high heels, loser? Wouldn’t you like to cum on them?” I moaned and nodded my head. Her hypnotic eyes glowed with absolute power. Then she suddenly turned her amazing ass toward me.

“Can you smell my juices and my divine ass? Look how perfectly formed my ass cheeks are and gaze at my ass crack, so moist and ready for your devotion! I want you to lick it and kiss it … bathe it with your worthless spit!” I got up from the chair, dropped to my knees, and immediately began to lick and kiss her ass, hearing her moan: “Mmmmmm, Ohhhhhhhh … that feels so wonderful … Don’t you wish I would remove my leather string and spread my naked ass cheeks so you could worship my starfish properly? Ohhhhhhh yessssssss!” 

I was so weak and dazed by the strong scents of her perfume and her ass…so many aromas, keeping me so hard, my tongue and lips sliding along her flesh. Mistress Lavinia began rubbing her pussy with her gloved hand and pushed her moist ass further into my face … what sensations I was feeling … my cock wanted to explode with cum. She continued to taunt me:

”Do you like my fragrant ass, slave? It’s so exciting how I can use my power and beauty to degrade a helpless human being like you.” She laughed out loud and I nodded my head as she pushed my face even deeper into her asshole…I was having trouble breathing, but I was never so aroused and I wanted to cum so desperately… I pumped my tongue as hard as I could … She just turned her head and smiled at me …

Mistress Laviniafinally removed my head from her ass and ordered me to sit in the chair again. I was dazed, my stiff cock was coated with pre-cum, and I wanted and needed release. Her ass and pussy scents were embedded in my brain. She circled me, smiling, and stared into my eyes…she was so cruel and omnipotent.Then she sat on my lap and held her hands in front of my face, her glorious, powerful hands, her fingers exposed, her veins popping, her red talons shining like fresh blood. “Look at my strong fingers, Slave. I want you to adore my hands … smell and kiss and lick them!” I did … I had never experienced anything like this in my life … my cock had stiffened to the point of snapping. After all this humiliation and worship, surely she would spare my life????

Mistress Lavinia parted her wet lips as she began caressing my face with her hands … staring into my eyes … then she suddenly placed her hands around my neck and began squeezing … and squeezing … I gasped and gagged, spittle drooling from my mouth, as she said: “Ohhhh, my god, I can feel the energy racing through my body, going straight from my hands to my crotch … This is so empowering …” 

The room grew quiet as I gripped her thighs in total surrender … she smiled broadly as I began to fight for life…She kept strangling me harder and harder as my body began to convulse…She choked me with one hand and reached for a riding crop with her other, moving forward and lifting her ass to free my throbbing cock. She reached behind to stroke my balls and cock as she strangled me, smiling at the pearls of pre-cum again forming at the tip of my cock…it glistened with my oozing pre-cum…

Goddess Lavinia laughed loudly, stood up, and walked around behind me … she started choking me from behind: “Awwwww, can’t my poor little slave breathe? Isn’t it remarkable how I have pushed everything precious to you out of your mind, and replaced it with only me, the all-powerful Mistress Lavinia, your one true religion…and your executioner!” 

I gagged and nodded my head weakly, giving in to her completely. She smiled at my choking sounds, closing her eyes in rapture as my body began to convulse again…she whispered in my ear as I struggled for life: ”Mmmmmm, this feeling of absolute power is addicting. Your very life is in my beautiful hands.”

She kept strangling me and smiling and licking her lips as my struggles began to die down. But she had one more act to commit before I left this world…She picked up the riding crop again and reached forward, stroking my engorged cock … once or twice was all it took…it jerked and spasmed…and spasmed…my body stiffening and rising from the chair as I ejaculated stream after stream of cum, which splattered harmlessly on the floor … My body went limp as I lost consciousness, cum drooling from my spent cock, my hands dropping to my sides. I saw only white light … then darkness … and I heard only Mistress Lavinia’s laughter …



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