Mistress Lavinia's Plaything

I descend the steps down to the dungeon where I know Mistress Lavinia is waiting for me - her prey, toy to play with or simply her slave to do with as she pleases.

As I reach the door I'm nervous, shaking and consider backing out at the last second. But then there is the sound of heels rapidly approaching and the door clicks, it's too late to back out, I'm caught in Mistresses web.

The door opens and I'm greeted with the amazing sight of Mistress Lavinia in front of me. I'm almost drooling but I'm quickly reminded by Mistress that a pathetic wanker like me has to earn the right to gaze at beautiful Mistress.

I'm quickly ordered to bow my head, avert my gaze, strip and assume the position that is suitable for my slave status - on my knees head pressed to the floor in front of Mistress who reminds me that under no circumstances am I allowed to stare at her beauty until I've earned the right to do so.

I hear Mistress turn and walk away and I can't resist lifting my head slightly to get a quick look at Mistresses amazing arse. It's ok I think to myself, she hasn't seen me looking and I got a great view of her perfect arse, it was definitely worth the risk.

A couple of minutes pass then I hear the clicking of Mistresses heels across the floor as she returns with a collar and leash in hand. Mistress commands me to raise my head and look into her eyes as she attaches the collar and leash. As she does she asks me if I followed her orders to keep my head down when she left. I worry, did she see me looking I ask myself? Should I come clean?

Then in a moment of madness I answer, "yes Mistress I followed your order exactly". My second mistake. Mistress accepts my answer and drags me by my leash into the dungeon. As I am being lead I can't help but raise my head again. Another quick glance at Mistresses arse, I just can't help myself. The third mistake.

We reach the middle of the dungeon floor where Mistress turns quickly and steps towards me. "Head up now slave!" Mistress shouts at me. "Look at me!" she commands. I look up and Mistress looks stern and serious and more worryingly has a scary looking crop in her hand. "Do you want to admit your mistakes slave" Mistress asks and tells me that my punishment will be less severe if I do.

I pause before speaking and think to myself there is no way she can know what I did I was behind her. "I don't know what you mean Mistress" I feebly reply. I am worried now. "I saw you slave" Mistress whispers into my ear. "You are a perverted little wanker slave" Mistress tells me. "I saw your peeping in the mirror slave and because you lied to me you will be severely punished".

I can't believe how stupid I have been and start trembling with fear. Mistress crouches down in front of me and orders me to open wide and then she places the crop in my mouth ordering me to bite down on my instrument of torture and crawl over to the whipping bench.

Mistress tells me that under no circumstances should I allow the crop to fall to the floor and if it does that is an extra 50 strokes on to my sentence but then she cruelly asks me "how many slave?". But I can't answer, the crop will fall to floor. "How many slave?" Mistress asks again. I still can't answer, I make a whining sound to plead for mercy but it's too late. Mistress has decided on my punishment.

"I think slave that we will see how many strikes of my crop you can take before you are in tears and crying for mercy" Mistress shouts at me. "Does that sound fair slave?" she asks me. I reluctantly nod my head in agreement as I am ordered to get in position on the bench. I lie there trembling, tied down and naked. I should have gone back up those steps right at the beginning, gone home and then a whoosh through the air and a stinging sensation through my body and I cry in agony and realise it is too late now, I have been captured. I'm am Mistreses tied down naked prisoner and there is no way out.

My head drops as I accept my fait. "Sorry Mistress for disobeying you" I murmur as the strikes come down. Never again will I disobey Mistress as a tear streaks down my face. This is what a pathetic perverted little slave like me deserves.



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