Smoked By Mistress Lavinia

Completely naked, my neck sore. I was surprised that I was still alive. Parading around me, her heels clicking loudly against the hard floor, was Goddess and Mistress Lavinia—exotic, beautiful, powerful. Her presence overwhelmed my senses … She wore tight, black, latex leggings that made me drool and my cock harden … she also wore sky-high heels, which added to her intimidating power … She teased me mercilessly, running her amazing hands over her stunning body, squeezing her latex-covered ass enticingly … her nails looked razor-sharp and her hands …”My God,” I thought, “the veins in her hands look so beautiful and tempting,” … he wished he could kiss her hands and lick them.

Mistress Lavinia smiled down at me, her full lips wet, her beautiful hair framing her glorious face: “Well, Slave Marco, are you wondering why I spared your life? You seem to love being deprived of air so I have devised a new twist to your asphyxiation ‘treatment.’ I will suffocate you with my divine hands -- after I have filled your lungs with my toxic, warm smoke … so where do we begin softening you up, hmmmmmmmm? Let’s start with my thighs.”

I was woozy as she placed my head between her thighs … she smiled as she closed her thighs around me and took me to the ground, clamping hard … I found myself engulfed in a sea of her thighs, her warm latex caressing and trapping me … all was warm, fragrant darkness and I couldn’t breathe … she had completely cut off my air … I gripped her thighs in panic as my head and face disappeared completely inside her legs … I tried desperately to pry her legs apart, but the all-powerful Goddess would not release me … she laughed as my body began to convulse from lack of oxygen to my brain … my hands grew weaker and my grip turned to pathetic pats on her thighs: “Ohhh, poor, poor Slave, how I have completely overpowered you and made you the prisoner of my flesh … all those dommes and models with their so-called perfect bodies, but it is MY body that is an incredible marvel … I am setting a new standard for beauty and power by blending my sensual smoking with my addicting flesh. How do you like total, complete surrender to your amazing Mistress Lavinia?”

I could only bleat helplessly into her thighs, about to black out from her delicious suffocation … but the Divine Goddess wasn’t finished … she released me from her deadly leg vice and stood majestically above my crumpled body … then she knelt over me and slapped my face repeatedly until I slowly revived, looking into her excited eyes and begging her: “ppppleeeeezzz, pppleeeezz, stop … I’m afraid you’re really going to kill me this time.” This turned Goddess Lavinia on even more, making her juices flow: “Awwww, poor, weak slavey boy is having such hopeless thoughts … but the next part is the best part … putting your pathetic life in my lovely, strong hands and consuming my deadly smoke, warmed by my divine lungs!” She then lit a long cigarette, taking a deep drag and holding it -- running her tongue over her lips as the smoke curled around her wet mouth -- then blew it into my face, laughing … she then lifted me easily and pulled my head back … she posed her head above mine and taunted me: “Gaze at my beautiful mouth and watch as I drag in more smoke … Mmmmmmmm, look how hard you are getting … now the fun really begins!”

Mistress Lavinia took another deep drag and slowly blew the smoke down my throat, filling my lungs … then she clamped her hand over my nose and mouth, laughing as I gagged and choked, my eyes watering: “Let’s wait a while to make sure your pink lungs get the full effect.” She waited, laughing … then took another long drag and repeated the deadly ritual again and again and again … I coughed and choked, growing woozy and delirious, the smoke and lack of oxygen crippling my senses … there was so much nicotine trapped in my lungs and my life’s breath was cut off by her suffocating hands. Knowing the murderous smoke came from her lungs made me so incredibly hard. She taunted me: “Can you smell the nicotine on my hands? Between the smoke and my hands it is the only thing you can inhale and taste! Mmmmmmm, what a feeling of unstoppable power…You should see how the veins in my hands are popping as I clamp your mouth and seal it completely.”

Goddess Lavinia smiled with adoration at her sharp, red nails, admiring them as she blew more smoke into my lungs and pressed down even harder, making sure to pinch my nose shut … my knees began to quake from lack of air … She was fascinated and pleased at how her power had completely overwhelmed and defeated me … she could snuff out my life if she wanted … but she looked at my engorged penis, bobbing with my fading heartbeat, and thought to herself: “Should I masturbate him while he struggles to live? It would be so amazing to see him cum in his current state … I wonder how intense his orgasm would be?”

To be continued..



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