The Dark Queen

Queen Lavinia, the all-powerful dark ruler, had the ability to cast spells and render the strongest men completely weak and under her power. She sat on her throne, dressed in an ermine robe that was open to reveal her shiny, black leather bustier, which showcased her snow-white breasts. So it was that when her knights brought the ragged peasants in – the peasants who had missed paying their tithes – she walked in front of each of them, staring into their eyes and watching them fall into a trance. She then positioned her archers, with crossbows, before them. As she sat on her glorious throne, smiling, she raised her silk handkerchief into the air. She motioned the 5th archer to lower his bow, then dropped the handkerchief, laughing as the remaining 4 archers fired their powerful crossbows, the arrows doing their job, the peasants crying out briefly in pain and crumpling, dead, to the ground. Queen Lavinia then rose and walked to the 5th archer, taking his crossbow. She stared at the 5th peasant, removing his spell … she wanted him to know what was coming, as well as feel the pain of his death, at the hands of his Queen, and she wanted to enjoy the feeling of taking his life. She smiled as he shook and pleaded, suddenly realizing what was about to happen … then she carefully and deliberately aimed the crossbow, growing wet with anticipation, as she stared into the peasant’s pleading eyes, and released the arrow. It penetrated right through the poor soul’s chest, cutting his heart in half, and he dropped instantly, quite dead. “Get these bodies out of here and hang them along the road to the castle as an example of what happens when you disrespect the all-powerful Queen Lavinia!!!! Now bring the rebel slave before me!”

Two knights dragged me up the cold, damp steps, and dropped me before Queen Lavinia. I was naked except for a loin cloth. She had starved me, allowing only water and bits of moldy bread for 2 weeks. “Well, rebel, starving you has not loosened your tongue as to the name of your leader. So, I will personally get the information from you. Now, Slave, push your face under my ermine robe and gown … rub it up and down your Queen’s divine legs and thighs … inhale my excitement at killing that worthless peasant.” And I did, feeling privileged despite my rebelliousness, and also growing hard – how exciting it was to be controlled by the Queen – even though I was trying to overthrow her. “You stupid weaklings are no match for my dark powers, Slave. I am known as the Devil’s handmaiden for a reason … look at my legs, how strong they are … how they glisten with excitement. Breathe deeply until you are about to pass out.” And I did, lost in her warmth and dampness, growing woozy and aroused at the same time. My brain was filled with the Queen’s scents…

“But enough worship. My first painful treat for you will be the Lead Sprinkler … only it won’t be sprinkling lead. Bertrand and Edward -- tie him to the rack and start stretching him!” They placed me on the rack face down, fastening my wrists and feet. The Queen walked to a cauldron of boiling water and dipped the sprinkler, filling it. “Now who is your leader … and where is he!!!”

“I will not tell you… no matter what you do to me!”

“Ohhhhh, such a brave boy. Keep stretching him.” Bertrand did two turns, stretching my legs and torso and arms … my bones began to crack … the pain kept building … I screamed as Queen Lavinia anointed me with boiling water, stinging me all over as I nearly fainted from the stretching … she kept dipping and sprinkling, laughing as I writhed in pain … soon small blisters began forming all over my back … the pain and stinging deepened and spread, but I gritted my teeth and fought it as she continued to sprinkle me … no sooner had she finally stopped that Edward the knight handed her a bull whip … she walked around me with it, snapping it against the stone floor … “This whip will do incredible damage to your worthless body as we stretch you … it will tear your flesh apart … unless you give me your leader’s whereabouts!” Still stinging from the boiling water and suffering from having my body slowly pulled apart, I shook my head no … the Queen began laughing: “Are you getting hard from the punishment, Slave? Are you aroused that your Queen is doing this to you? Well, ARE YOU???!!! As I acknowledged the pleasure of my erection, Queen Lavinia snapped the whip across my back and legs … the pain shot through my body and I could feel my skin being ripped apart … the Queen began breathing heavily, picking up her pace, whipping and whipping me, her eyes glowing with excitement, fascinated by the marks and cuts the whip made on my back and legs, wide-eyed with excitement as small sprays of blood erupted with each intense lash … I was actually crying and shaking, but I was determined not to surrender to her brutality … I would endure any torture and not give away my secret … But soon I passed out from the pain …

Suddenly, I felt cold water splashing on my face and the slaps of the Queen … she slapped me and slapped me until I came around: “Remove him from the rack and take off his loin cloth. I want to see his cock!” Bertrand and Edward obeyed her … I took one step and collapsed, my body wracked with pain … I was weak and dizzy from the punishment, but my cock was so engorged from knowing that the Queen was doing this to me … “Look at his cock, my Queen,” said Bertrand. They all laughed. The Queen then ordered Bertrand to coat my erection with honey … “Mmmmm, now let the jackals loose so they can enjoy themselves!” They came out of nowhere – 3 of them – and attacked my cock immediately, licking at first, then gradually gnawing … and gnawing … I screamed in pain, but the Queen had no mercy: “If you spurt, you will be beheaded!!!” So I held on until the jackals satisfied themselves and my erection subsided. They pulled the jackals off me and they pointed and laughed at my ravaged penis …

“Now, my brave little man, since you still refuse to divulge your secret, I have saved my best toy for last. It’s called the Head Crusher. And if you don’t talk, this beautiful device will live up to its name. Pick him up and lock his head in!”

It was the most devious device I had ever seen. It had a flat metal tray connected to a skull cap, with a large metal handle above the cap. They all laughed as they placed my chin on the tray, locking me in. “As Bertrand turns the handle, it will gradually crush your head between the tray and the skull cap … first your teeth will shatter and your jaw will be smashed … then your face will be pulverized and your eyes will pop from their sockets … finally, your skull and brain will be completely crushed. Now, for the last time, Worm: who is leading the rebel movement against me?!

I thought a moment as the Queen knelt before me, staring into my eyes … “One turn,” she said to Bertrand … I heard the handle turn and felt incredible pressure on my head and jaw … “Mmmmmm, it is like squeezing a giant melon … so very, very beautiful, watching your head compress … the pain in your eyes is so incredible to behold … Bertrand, let go of the handle … I want to finish him myself … The Queen stepped to the handle and asked once more: “This is your final chance, Slave. WHO IS YOUR LEADER???”

“All I have is my dignity,” I said. You are a murderess and an evil bitch …”

The Queen immediately began turning the handle … I felt incredible pressure, blood flowing from my nose … she laughed, giddy with the power of murder, turning the handle again … I felt my teeth breaking against each other and my jaw cracking … she turned the handle again … all went white as I passed out … The Queen, growing wet again and breathing hard, turned the handle once more, closing her eyes in rapture as she felt my skull give way …



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