When are you available?

Tuesday - Saturday from 12pm-5pm in the dungeon. note 24hours notice is required, although do check out my Twitter for last minute availability. 



Do you do late nights?

I do yes 24hrs notice is required and a £75 deposit for sessions after 5pm



How much notice do you need?

I advise that you pre-book a day before, as i am very in demand and do get busy, 24 hours notice is required to better guarantee yourself a session with me. However do still ask if im available i'll get back to you when im free, or check out my Twitter for any last minute availability.



How do I book a session with you?

1. Simply fill in the booking request form to apply to serve me

2. I will respond  to your enquiry  when I am free, be patient

3. For session bookings and if accepted: next you will be sent a PDF document with full details clarifying your session back to you, and including deposit instructions to secure your session booking

4. Once checked and you have deposited you will receive, another PDF document which is your confirmation of the session booking including all details of the upcoming session. 


you are then in the meantime given permission to contact me whenever about anything else, You can be reassured you wont hear from me unless you contact me. other than that all i need from you then is confirmation on the

morning of the session.. 




Why do you need 12hours notice can I not just turn up?

I operate by appointment only



Will you hurt me mistress?

the simple answer to this is no unless you inform me this is something you enjoy. I tailor each and every domination session experience, so with that being said if you enjoy more severe domination or prefer more mild domination then on your application you need to inform me. you are always provided with a 'safe word ' at the begining of the session - which is put in place for you to use should you need to.



im really nervous

first of all please don't worry nerves are natural and i can appreciate its hella daunting to see a mistress especially if its your first time. know that im very welcoming upon arrival, I am an educated woman, with supreme etiquette and class therefore you will be greeted with warm hospitality!! upon arrival you are taken into the dungeon room where i will offer you a drink and a brief chat to settle any nerves, if you have a preference to start straight away and skip 'pleasentries' just pop that on your booking request, its generally only when i begin the session that the atmosphere will change dramatically. after the session i do like a brief chat to review how everything went, if you're in a rush and want to leave immediatley do not hesitate or feel rude in informing me or again note that in your booking request form prior for me and i will promptly escort you out the building after the session. just remember that arrival and leaving is with the respect to what you are comfortable with and preference.  



can I shower?

yes, showers are hidden and placed in both dungeon rooms for you to shower after the session should you wish. do note showers are not part of your session duration, you can shower after the session has ended.



Do you take novices?

Of course I adore a newbie and remember we all have to start somewhere, and you have come to the right place. be sure to select that your a novice on the booking request form, it is important to build a novice up especially if you are interested in more extreme play.

are you discreet?

YES. i take my profession very seriously and fully respect my clients discretion this is fundamental to me. what goes on in session is between me and my subject - nothing is disclosed with anyone outside of that space. 

is the dungeon discreet?

yes very, im a fuss pot!! i only offer sessions at discreet dungeons as my clients discretion is paramount to me, so this would reflect on my reputation be assured its very safe, secure and discreet. once booked in with me you will be sent full details. 


will i see other slaves?

absolutley not. when you are entering the dungeon, and no and when you are leaving the dungeon, no never. the only time you would ever see another slave is in a session iv arranged on a mutual consensual basis only. 

do you offer filming?

yes with permission ONLY note: nothing is filmed no photos are taken without permission prior. for more information see my booking request form for options.



You look so angelic, what are you like?

I'm like me... naturally demanding... naturally controlling... and naturally a kinky pyscho lol. firstly I am not an actress, 'lavinia' is an exaggeration of my genuinely dominant self. I am a professional dominatrix I may not be 6ft2 and I may not look stereotypically  'aggressive' but I am a force to be reckoned with. my style of domination goes far deeper than smothering, shouting and slapping (although I do love the odd arse smother lol) - anyone can do that. I have studied psychology and can confidently state I have  great expertise at executing mind control, to physically push limits, to cruelly torment  - it is my unique style of domination.

Do you "switch"?

NO. Never. Don't insult me by even asking.

Can I touch you?


NEVER,  if you put your hands on me and touch me I will end the session. and you will be escorted out the building. 

I want to worship your body mistress?

NO. this is not something I want from you, and not something I require. I am old school and do not find submissive males worthy to touch me. I am not here to serve you - REMEMBER THAT. 

Can I choose what you wear?

who's the dominant here ME or little submissive you? I am the dominant, I am in charge, I am the boss and I CHOOSE WHAT I WEAR! You are more than welcome to indicate 'your favourite domintrix attire you have seen me in' but don't disrespect me or talk to me asif I'm serving you, I CONTROL THE ENTIRE SHOW - REMEMBER THAT.  

Will you  "edge me" or "give me ruined orgasms"?

ABSOLUTELY NOT I am a dominant and disciplinarian. I WILL NEVER TOUCH YOU IN ANY SEXUAL PART IN ANY SEXUAL MANNER - if you want to 'relieve yourself' you may with my permission. 



is parking available?

Yes, discreet and secure parking is available on the grounds.



What if I get lost?

DONT PANIC!! if you get lost or need any further assistance firstly text me to inform me, I will then ask you to call me and I will help direct you.



what happens when I arrive?

on arrival your immediately taken to the dungeon room, once there i will offer you a drink and have a brief discussion with you before we start the session just to clarify everything again with you,  do note this is not part of your session duration. then I will take the remaining session tribute and depending on my mood I will ask you to strip naked before me or I will leave the dungeon room and tell you to be naked and assuming a kneeling position upon my return to the dungeon room.    



How do i address you?

you call me 'mistress' or 'mistress lavinia/Lady Lavinia' at all times

what do i bring with me?

yourself + remaining tribute and a gift from my list 



Mistress, will you contact me after the session?




Which Dungeon are you at?

Im at Avery discreet Manchester dungeon which is fully equipped, discreet and offers private parking nearby.  Full instrcutions will be given once your session is confirmed.



Mistress I want to book a session on Sunday?

I require a minimum of a 2 hour session booking to come out of my busy schedule  and again 48hrs notice with a 50% deposit made upfront.



What is the tribute Mistress?

All tribute details are available on the page booking request form to click the link for more information



Can I discuss my type of session with you?

Yes, on the booking request form  you can leave me all the information I need.. If you would like to read over my specialties click  my session specialities - if its not on the list I don't enjoy it therefore, I don't offer it in my session, so don't waste my time  as well as your own by asking. 



Do you offer Double Domm?

I can indeed work alongside other fellow mistresses

For further information feel free to send me an email indicating the mistress you would like to experience the double domme with, and we can liaise from there



Do you offer outcalls Mistress?




If I need to cancel or running late?

If you need to cancel that's absolutely no problem providing I have been informed before 9:00am - the morning prior to the session, your deposit will be held the dungeon will be informed and your session will be rescheduled around myself and your next availability. If you cancel after the 9:00am cut off, unfortunately you will lose the deposit. 



Do you tour?




Do you offer Skype sessions?

Yes, I do full information is available click the link here!



Is the tribute negotiable Mistress?



Would you be interested in shared content?

Yes, I will always be interested in shared content this with professional photographers only please ensure you are able to send me your work to view firstly and your company details. For filming slaves: i use my loyal subjects only.



Mistress Can I call You?

yes I answer calls - 0984-656-0000 

Calls charged at £3.60 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge. Callers must be 18+ & have the bill payers permission. I also answer voice calls via Adultwork, IWC, manyvids and Skype, find links below. You can discuss a session or tell me all about your fetish fantasies.

Can I buy your panties mistress?

Yes, visit store page 


After a session

panties £145

pantyhose £95

stockings £95

suspenders £55

bras £125


posted out inc delivery 


panties £170

pantyhose £120

stockings £120

suspenders £80

bra £150



Do you offer sexual services?




Can I bring you a gift Mistress?

Of course, Mistress Lavinia adores gifts and it will certainly earn you some brownie points, and make your mistress very happy. I have exquisite taste so gifts received are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.  All my gifts and treats I adore are listed on my Wishlist page.


Calls charged at £3.60 per minute, plus your phone providers's access charge. Callers must be 18+ & have the bill payers permission. 

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